Lara & Rikki

Kind. Co-Founders 

Coming from backgrounds in design and photography, we started Kind. because we couldn’t find cards that expressed our feelings and looked good at the same time. We found that when massive milestones occurred in our lives we would end up receiving a bunch of the same cards (in Rikki’s case—some shiny bedazzled wedding cards—and for Lara it was the same baby blue birth card with a stork…) The words inside these cards would melt our hearts but the outsides were a bit “meh”.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re no card-giving saints either. We’ve been guilty way too many times of leaving things to the last minute and giving lame cards to the special people in our lives, all because we just weren’t organised. But not anymore…

After bonding over a mutual love of beautiful paper and the impact of a well-designed card, we decided to jump in heart first and create our own range of meaningful, timeless cards that you’d be proud to give or let sit on your side table weeks after your birthday has passed.

We won’t lie, putting our first collection together has been a slow burn. We’ve spent months thinking, drawing, painting, collaborating, shooting, editing, and refining to create original designs for all the moments that life throws your way, because we think the special people in your life deserve special cards.

But wait there’s more. No, actually there is. More than offering unique cards, the Kind. platform provides an easy way to plan and purchase. We have designed a free calendar download that you can print out, mark all your special dates and choose just the right card to give your loved one (so you never have to do those last minute card dashes again!) Plus by getting your card stash sorted you’ll save some you’ll save some serious coin and feel organised! (Oh Yeah!).



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