Kind. x

Heavenly Blooms

Our very first Kind. collab is with Nat from Heavenly Blooms.


The Collab

Meet Nat. She is the floral force behind Heavenly Blooms. If she’s not rummaging through the flower market, you will most likely find her in a quaint little floral studio tucked behind the cutest little coffee shop in Eumundi, Queensland. Nat harnesses her flower power to create jaw-dropping arrangements for events, special occasions and in our case, for a super unique range of Kind. cards.

We’ve admired Nat’s work for yonks. Her approach is organic, unstructured and unlike anything we have seen before, so you can imagine how stoked we were (cue high-fives) when she said a big ‘yes’ to collaborating with us.

On a chilly winter’s morning, armed with a couple of lattes, loose ideas and a few sheets of cardboard, we headed to Eumundi and spent the morning with Nat to create some floral magic. Working alongside someone so truly passionate about what they do was such a treat for us and sent our inspiration gears into overdrive.

“I never take for granted the honour it is to be working with flowers every day. I feel very blessed to have found my passion in life; we just fit…flowers and I,” Nat says.

As soon as we looked at the images we created that day, we knew this floral imagery deserved a splash of foil. So, we got down and we got busy, and ta-da, this was the result—luxe, feminine and well, just a little bit fancy. We also designed a series of complementary cards in classic black and white to finish off the range. Check ‘em out, we’d love to know what you think.


The Cards


The Kind. x Heavenly Blooms card collaboration is a mix of dark moody florals inspired by 19th century Dutch still life paintings and light, simple floral beauties that remind us there is nothing more breath-taking than flowers.

Completing the range is a series of complementary cards in classic monotone.